Primary Teaching


Parents: parents must take an active part in their childs' education. Schools and teachers can't do it by themselves.

As my children progress through school, I prepare program/worksheets to assist in their understanding of science. Many are reproduced here. Please contact me if you have a special request.


Prepared by Roy Jensen

Learning and Study Guide

A one-page handout that gives suggestions on how to effectively learn material during the course and prepare for exams. There are also suggestions on how to best take exams.

Math Tutorial
     • learning tables
     • worksheets

Tables for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division using numbers from 1 to 10. Log and power tables for the advanced students who want to do everything in their head!! Includes blank tables for students to fill in on their own — the best way to study is to do!

Dynamically generated worksheets to provide learners with an infinite number of problems. From basic addition to advanced division. An excellent resource for teachers and parents alike.

The alphabet and numbers
     • level one
     • level two

Printed on legal paper, these sheets become a quick-reference to the alphabet and numbers for the early learner.
     • Level one is the alphabet and numbers 0 through 9.
     • Level two is the alphabet and numbers 0 through 99.

After 40 on level two, the pupil has to follow the pattern developed in 0 through 39.

Writing sheets
     • alphabet
     • large printing
     • small printing
     • large writing
     • small writing

Learning and practice pages for printing and writing.


Educational Links

Additional educational links are available on the Links page.

PBSs Scientific American Frontiers has a large archive of science projects that explore and explain real-world challenges! has an extensive array of educational material: science, dinosaurs.

National Geographic for kids!

Guide to the solar system.

Windows to the Universe (an educational initiative funded by NASA, NCAR, NSF, CSEM, CISM; very nice!).

NASAs image exchange.

NASAs Saturn exploration mission.