Chemistry & Science Related

NIST Chemistry WebBook
NIST Chemical Kinetics Database
NIST Computational Chemistry Comparison and Benchmark Database
Online Molecular Structure Calcuations (Colby)
Online Molecular Structure and Reaction Calcuations (good)
Computational Chemistry ListServe (CCL)

Science and Society (Joe Schwarcz & McGill University)

Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC)
NASA Satellite tracking center (J-Track)

ThinkQuest (an library of websites 'by students for students' spanning all subjects; very good!)

Household Products Database (an excellent reference!)

IUPAC GoldBook (dictionary of chemical terms)
IUPAC OrangeBook (analytical nomenclature)
Common Errors in English

MathWorld (by Eric Weisstein & hosted by Wolfram Research)

Atomic Orbital Visualization (Orbitron)
Molecule Visualizer (ReciprocalNet)  (direct to 'common molecules')
World of Molecules (structures and descriptions of common molecules)
Molecular Models (3D models of chemicals relevant to general and organic chemistry; tutorials and other educational resources)
Physics Applets (a collection of applets that educate individuals on various aspects of physics. atomic spectra is relevant to chemistry)

Physiologically active chemicals (natural and synthetic)

Chemistry Thesaurus (an amazing compendium of chemical knowledge; caution 100 MB)
Chemistry Explained: Foundations and Applications (a large collection of short essays on various topics)

The life of Albert Einstein

Science Stores: Edmund Scientific

Science cartoons (freeware)


Online Textbooks

Stratospheric Ozone (an upper-level text on atmospheric ozone)

Virtual General Chemistry Textbook (Stephen Lower)

Molecular Models (focuses on general and introductory organic chemistry)



Computer & Web Related

Software I use: IrfanView (freeware; an excellent image viewer and manipulator)

  ZoneAlarm (freeware; a highly-rated personal firewall)

Computer: Windows Annoyances, Tek-Tips, DeveloperSide, TweakXP, XP Tips, WindowsReinstall, Optimize XP, XP Tips & Tweaks

Perl, Java, etc.: Sourceforge, Hoover Web Design, WebMaster, BraveNet

Fonts: Font Empire, Font Mania, Randy Pavelich Fonts



Project Gutenberg (online archive of thousands of books)

AdBusters (alternative magazine on advertising; Canadian)
NewsWatch (the stories not printed; Canadian)
Project Sensored (the stories not printed; US)
The Smoking Gun (behind the scene investigating)

Legal dictionary, encyclopedia, and forms

Dark Rasted Blend (amazing images about anything and everything; caution: you can spend hours here)