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Alas, we are entering another dark period. Power and wealth are concentrated into the hands of the few. The majority have no voice and are subservient to the powerful. Our needs are secondary to 'progress'. Have we learned nothing from our past? How many generations will suffer? Will mankind survive?

"Take two aspirin and call me in the morning."

This is the best sales-pitch in the world. It identifies with a fundamental aspect of humankind – ego. People believe that they can handle more pain that the 'average' person. When they get a headaches, it must be so bad that they need two tablets, EXTRA STRENGTH no less.

The next time you have a headache, take half a tablet.


Companies are out there to make money. One of the current trends is to downsize their products. Manufacturers go to great lengths to hide this or, more offensively, tell the consumer that, "Based on our market surveys, customers do not want as much of our product." I wonder what question was asked to determine this...

We, as consumers, realize what is occurring but feel powerless to stop it. As individuals, we are. As a united group, who knows. For more information on how pervasive advertising has become, check out

Logging Companies

How is it that the Government of British Columbia cannot find any money for Health Care nor Education nor Salaries but can find 300 million dollars (300 000 000$; one-third of a BILLION dollars) to bail out a single lumber company (Times Colonist, date?, page?)?

Why is it that Europe has been logging 'sustainably' and selectively and making a profit while the major BC logging companies categorically refuse to even consider the idea? Why does the Government let them do it? There is a local 50+ person logging company that has been practicing 'sustainable' and selectively logging for the past 50 years...and surviving admirably (Times Colonist, date?, page?)?

Cooling Air

Air fan circulating air cools living things (people, animals, plants) because these things perspire. Inanimate objects do not perspire, and therefore do not cool.

Application: cooling fans inside of electronics. 

Put out fires with sand and water

Signs at campgrounds tell you to use sand and water to put out fires. But which do you use first? and why?

Sand is used first. Sand comes in contact with the elevated embers so that water is wicked to the embers when applied. Without sand, only the bottom embers are cooled with water.


Canada currently has an unemployment rate of 7 to 9 %. Why is the government raising interest and mortgage rates to curb economic growth? Why doesn't the government allow the economy to grow, thereby reducing the unemployment rate?


Governments are currently selling of all entities that makes a profit to private companies. The price of these goods and services then skyrockets because the private companies wants higher profit margins than the government. Government then complains that they have to raise taxes to provide services to individuals. How idiotic!

Governments role is to provide necessary services to individuals that would otherwise not be available or unequally available: health care, policing, unemployment insurance, employment standards, environmental protection, etc. The costs of these services should be offset by money-making government entities.

Local Newspapers

One week of the Times Colonist is about ? cm thick and costs ???$

One week of the Denver Post is about ? cm thick and costs ???$ Canadian.


An interesting logical leap: buffalo theory

I don't drink, but I find this humerous, not that I believe a word of it. (origin unknown; can you find the error?)

Medical Science

For many years, physicians have been taught that their knowledge is the best; worse, they have been taught that naturopathy (herbal medicine, asian medicine) is garbage. Medical researchers refuse to believe that homeopathy can heal or aid in the healing of individuals. Lest they forget: all drugs have a homeopathic origin. How can the medical community discredit the roots of its knowledge?